New Open Source Antispam
Email Filtering Framework
From a company hackathon in SpamExperts, an optimized antispam framework was developed in Python.
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Drop-in replacement for SpamAssassin

OrangeAssassin was created as an upgraded open-source drop-in replacement for SpamAssassin for Linux users and control panel providers.

Easy to add plugins

All basic SpamAssassin plugins are already available. Additionally, the framework supports easy development of new plugins

Comprehensive documentation

OrangeAssassin comes with comprehensive up to date documentation about compatibilities, configurations and licensing.

Open Source

The source code is open and allows forking and submission of pull requests.

Modern codebase in Python

OrangeAssassin is compatible with Python 2.7, Python 3.2 and later, PyPy and PyPy3.

Resource efficient

OrangeAssassin provides resource usage optimization (memory, CPU, disk IO).

Start spam filtering today!

If you experience any problems, please create an issue on GitHub.